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    I think that's a great like that's a conversation I like to have you next time, because I believe you're going to be co-hosting with me for the next month. If you agree to it and the instant gratification you know like so, technology is way faster than our human. Like you said before we read if...
    Add paragraph text herIn a school setting, there's the leader, the teacher who's guiding the students through this train of thought and so they're sort of given the permission, they're sort of by default in the pupils position, they're learning it's a digestive yeah, it's a didactic dynamic. So...
    What does that mean moral agency? Absolutely so moral agency is when you're treated as an individual who can comprehend ethical concepts and act accordingly, you can either choose to adhere to or not the moral standards and these ethics are universal and I have a whole section in my book about...
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